Registered Address and Virtual Office

Our company offers to the local and foreign customers the registered address, virtual office and contact person services. Don’t worry about your image and lease expensiveness. The lack of a firm’s physical address often makes people skeptical about it.

Satelles Saturni OÜ is a licensed registrar of the firms, registered address and contact person services. Number of our license: FIU000207.

Registered address and virtual office are well suitable for the firms, the physical presence of which is not required in Estonia. Our registered address is suitable both for residents and non-residents of Estonia, because we are located at the center of Tallinn.

Pursuant to the law of the Republic of Estonia, the registered address should be justified and registration in respect of it is possible only if there is a licensed registrar of the firms at that address.

The virtual office enables conducting business efficiently via the Internet.

Pursuant to the Commercial Code, if the management board of the firm registered in Estonia is located in other state, it is required to appoint a contact person for delivery of the documents addressed to this firm.

May you have a good business in Estonia and EU!